PrayerPoint ~ Secrets ~ March 17

Shhh. I’ve got a secret.

Here’s one definition: Something kept hidden from others or known only to oneself or to a few.

Do you have some secrets? I think we probably all have one or two. Sometimes we hide what we have done or what was done to us. Sometimes we try to forget something we heard or something we saw or something we said. I have a number of these gems tucked away in my memory. I hold them in but not because I am holding out. Sometimes I hold them in because of fear. Sometimes I hold them in because it doesn’t really matter at this point or it is truly something that doesn’t need to be shared. Sometimes the timing of the sharing is extremely important.

Have you read the book of Esther?

She had a secret. And God works in incredible ways through her life and in this book of the Bible. Read through Esther slowly. Participate in a Bible Study on it if you can. I highly recommend the Beth Moore study on Esther.

I think there might be a difference between private and secret but I haven’t teased them both apart enough to know. In my mind, secret might imply something naughty is going on whereas private means I am choosing to keep this close to my heart.

I pray that whatever secrets are on your heart are ones you have shared with God in a heart-to-heart where He can cleanse, renew, forgive, restore, and transform your history.  Sometimes it helps to visit with a Biblical counselor or a healthy friend. Privacy is a good thing but when it is motivated by the fear of being found out, then it seems like it might be time to re-evaluate the situation. Let God breathe His Truth into your history because your history is really His-story.

May His light shine in all corners of your life!


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