PrayerPoint ~ The Ears ~ February 27

PrayerPoint ~ The Ears

I don’t know why but I am always amazed at the lyrics I remember, word for word, of songs from the 70’s even if I haven’t heard them for 20 years. It’s a little scary that they are tucked away so deep within me that a song can bring them out and the recollection as well as a renewed understanding of the meaning comes rolling off my tongue.
What I am listening to is extremely important–whether it be music or even those thoughts that run around in my head and masquerade as God’s truth. It is so easy to engage the ear without also being discerning about what I am listening to. In some circumstances I am stuck hearing what I hear, but I don’t have to listen to it. I can tune out that noise and not give it any place in my brain. But there are other days when I just take it all in and wonder why I am feeling overwhelmed and insecure and unappreciated.
Maybe you have some of the very same problems. It isn’t so hard to listen to a lie. After all, Adam and Eve were living in a perfect world and in fellowship with their Creator and they listened to the serpent. You don’t have to believe everything you hear and you don’t have to listen to it either. Discerning God’s truth takes practice as well as a lot of time in His Word. If you are not in a regular Bible study, I recommend meeting with a small group or even just making sure you are in His Word each day. Find encouraging verses to memorize. It will be music to your ears!
Blessings on your week!

One thought on “PrayerPoint ~ The Ears ~ February 27

  1. Wow, thanks, Liz! That’s two days in a row you got me singing songs from the 70’s! Just thought of Clapton’s Layla: Now that’s 70’s music! I have this music 40 years ago to thank for my hearing aids today! Meanwhile, last week in Bible class someone requested that this week we sing another song I learned in the 70’s: “I Am the Bread of Life” by Suzanne Toolan: I will be accompanying our class on my guitar with this one Thursday. The power of the gospel reached my ears 40 years ago amid the acid rock of the 70’s, and I’m thankful God can still “take my lips and let them be filled with messages from (him)!” ( Chris Tomlin breathes some new life into this 19th century hymn). Hope these last two songs fill you with even more reasons to praise the Lamb of God whose sacrifice we contemplate especially these days. Thanks, Liz, for making these days so special with your posts!

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