PrayerPoint ~ February 25

PrayerPoint ~ The Feet

Have you ever read the comic strip Family Circus by Bil Keane? When I think of feet I chuckle when I think of some of the panels of Billy and his dotted line footprints as they travel through the neighborhood when he was only supposed to take something from Point A to Point B.
Or I think about the Israelites on their feet wandering through the desert for 40 years. How can one never quite get anywhere in 40 years?
Or Jonah getting swept of his feet and into the belly of a big fish.
And then I think about me…and some of the places I went. The places my feet took me that I had no business going to. Phew! I am thankful God provided me a way to get out of some of it. But I certainly remember being there and I think it is important to remember. It helps me to have more compassion when I see other people going places that are dangerous. And I can pray for their protection and for them to come to the important realization that getting away from bad things is not nearly as easy as getting into them–
Where is God leading you and are your feet following or resisting?
Be careful little feet where you walk.
Sometimes the path you trod will take you into a completely different direction than you intended ~ for good or for bad ~ and, thankfully, no experience is wasted with God. He can use it all for His purposes.
Heavenly Father,
I am so thankful for your promises! As a parent, I know it troubles me when my children feel like they need to make choices (small or large) contrary to what I would prefer. And as Your child, it must break Your heart when I chose to go places where You know harm might come to me. Help me to hear the Holy Spirit and take heed when I am heading in a dangerous direction. I know You have forgiven me, help me to forgive myself for those detours I took. Help me to have compassion for those who may be wandering. Help my feet to bring the Good News of the Gospel to the places I walk. And help me be willing to go to the places You send me.    In Your Son’s Name….Amen
Blessings on your day!

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