Disaster in New Zealand

As you go about your business today, please remember Christchurch, New Zealand as they have been hit by a devastating earthquake.

Pray for

  • the safety for the rescue workers.
  • the rescue and recovery effort.
  • the reuniting of families separated.
  • medical professionals responding to the endless medical needs.
  • God’s Word and hope to be shared.
  • clean water and food to be available.
  • medical supplies and work stations be sterile and available.

I am sure God will bring other items to mind as you consider the magnitude of the devastation. While most of us cannot just pick up and go to New Zealand to help, we can intercede on their behalf.

Heavenly Father, give the rescue workers eyes to see the survivors and quick assessment of the medical needs. Reunite families. Protect those who have been witnessing the devastation. Protect those injured from further disease and complications. We commit them all to Your care, knowing You will provide for their needs. In Jesus’ Name….

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