Training and Education

You have been a student at different points of your life, do you recall what that was like? Do you remember the awkward stages of youth or the peer pressure? Maybe it was hard for you to understand  certain concepts. Recall preparing for the ACT, SAT or any other comprehensive exams? Do you have kids in college? Know of someone working on an advanced degree with a spouse and children in the picture?

Maybe you know of people in training for new jobs during these tough economic times. Do you know of people in training for volunteer positions? Training on new equipment? Do you know someone who conducts, coordinates, and plans training sessions? How about our teachers and the pastors in our lives?

Now that list you have a list of people in your mind, pray for them in terms of training and education.

And then ask God to show you where He is training you. He is likely growing you for a yet unknown task. Are you a willing student? Are you willing to learn from the Master and Creator who knows and loves you intimately?

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