Good Words

Anxietyw. copyHave you noticed the challenge of anxiety is discussed more openly than in years past? I don’t know if there is more anxiety or if we have just come to a greater understanding of it recently. But if you know someone who lives with anxiety you know it weighs him or her down.

It is so easy to critique and criticize. There is a world just waiting for the next great zinger or some clever sarcasm. It is also easy to get caught up in my own situation. I know that I can be lost in thought and miss an opportunity to encourage with something even as simple as a smile.

But good words….those are desperately needed.

Don’t discount the words you share and the impact they make. Make a point of sharing God’s Word, which has so much good news for a weary soul, or other good words with those around you today. It can be as simple as:

“I appreciate you!”

There are some wonderful social media images with good words. I have a folder on my desktop that is titled Inspiration and I put them there. When I don’t find what I need, I make it on because I find that it is good for me to see the good words. Creating good words is therapeutic for me!

Make the time to share some good words today. You might find that the words you share with someone else are the very words that soothe your soul!

On the Road,


The New Year

Today’s PrayerPoint ~ The New Year

It’s a New Year! A Fresh Start!

As you have reflected back on last year have you pondered what went well and what didn’t? Are there things you know you need to change in your life but you haven’t made a move to start the process? Are there things you wish you would have done? Conversations you wish you wouldn’t have started? Actions you took that you wish you would have contemplated longer?

I am pretty introspective so I love the opportunity to reflect on my words and actions. Well, I don’t love it…because sometimes I am embarrassed as I look back on the things I have said and done. Being quick witted is not always a gift. And sarcasm? Well, let’s just say I have been guilty of sharing my words too liberally. I can build bridges with my words but, regrettably, I don’t always choose to do that.

I  am definitely a work in progress.

If you have been my friend for a while you know that PrayerPoints have been around for a number of years and are typically a daily event during the Lenten season. Last year I was in Hungary for the month leading up to Easter and since we did not have regular access to the
Internet while we were traveling I took a break from the routine. I have missed it!

PrayerPoints are something I need in my life. I don’t know that I necessarily need to share them with the world but I certainly have the need to write them. The process of writing helps me keep a little order in my mind. And I guess I figure I might as well share what I am learning just in case it helps someone else. It isn’t much work for me because I feel like God is teaching me things all the time if I would just take a minute from life to listen and pray. I miss PrayerPoints when I am not writing them so that tells me it is a place where I need to put my energy for now.

So here we are. I have a crazy busy year but I love PrayerPoints. 

What have you been missing in your life? Is it time to add it back in?