Prickly people. Do you know any? Have you been one?

I have had a time or two in my life (or ten) when I have been pretty painful to touch or have a conversation with. Get too close and I might even shoot out a couple of quills.


The most complicated situation for me is when I am in a room with two people–one I feel immense love for and the other I can barely stomach. I have no idea how to behave. Should I be leading this double life? Is it acceptable or even possible to show one person my loving side at the very moment I am seething with disdain for another in the very same place? Nope–it’s ugly.

Here, [insert name of favored person here] you can touch my soft side.

Sorry, [insert name of irritating person here] you bring out the quills in me…

Lord, I am blessed and forgiven by You. Help me to share those gifts with others. I can love because You first loved me. Let Your love, grace, and mercy flow through me to all, not just the easy people. Amen.

Psalm 45

This PrayerPoint was originally written in March 2010.