Hello Friend! Day Six

Hello Friend!

I am going to challenge us both a bit today.

Do you have a lot of rules and expectations on how people should behave? Do you find yourself regularly disappointed in people and situations and complaining about it to the nearest person, even if you don’t know them? Are you a grumbler?

I will be honest with you: I hate when I am in that kind of space. I don’t like being around me and I wouldn’t enjoy being around you either! And really, who wants to be around someone who regularly complains?

One of the worst things you can say about me is that I complain too much. Of course, there are things here and there that might not go as planned and I might mention them, occasionally. But if you can honestly say to me “You complain more often than not,” well, that will crush me. I do not want to be that person. Please tell me I don’t do that. But, I need you to be honest with me too. So, please tell me the truth.

Complaining is ugly. And it can make the most beautiful person ugly.

I know I am a person who verbally processes and so the first thing I have a tendency to do is open my mouth, for good and for bad. But if I am not happy about a situation, grumbling and complaining to those around me cannot be my default. I have to find another way to process disappointment.

Once in a while I like to try to disguise my complaining as “making an observation” but is that just semantics? Probably. At best a complaining spirit is a bad habit. At worst, it’s a habit of my heart.

When I am unsatisfied with things I try to ask myself “Where is my heart today?” If I spend time each morning recalling the new mercies I have been granted by my gracious God I think it will become easier to grant grace and mercy to others!

Tell me, how do you process disappointment?