Hello Friend! Day Seven

Hello Friend!

I know there are times I get so distracted with my day that I forget to stop and be thankful for all that God has placed around me. I know I need more gratitude in my life! And I also need to express it to everyone I come in contact with. There is so much critique and criticism out in the world and a thankful heart helps me refocus and gives me attitude a positive spin. It is so easy to get drawn into negative thinking patterns, but expressing positivity and thankfulness can be infectious in a good way!

Let’s start a revolution!!!

What three things are you thankful for today? Can you dig a little deeper and come up with 10?

Lord, help me to be more mindful about the blessings all around me!


PrayerPoints ~ Friday, March 4th


Today’s PrayerPoint ~ Psalm 66

“Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.”       Psalm 66:16

When I am in the middle of a tough time it helps for me to remember what God has done for me and for others. Sometimes, just reflecting back on the many incidents in Scripture is enough to encourage me but, other times, it is refreshing to hear someone talk about God’s transformative work in their heart and life. The Christian walk isn’t always easy, which is why it is good to share our struggles as well as our victories.

“Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf.”        Psalm 66:5

Sometimes it is good to make a list of what God has done for you. Have you ever taken time to write down those things you are thankful for? If you have, take out and review the list. If you haven’t, today is a great day to start! Regularly pondering what we are thankful for leads to a heart of gratitude. The more grateful we are, the more it is evident in our words and deeds and it helps us to be more pleasant to be around and that positivity is infectious!