I’ve been thinking about bad habits lately and as I pondered one of my success stories, it was a wee bit creepy to look back at how I used to think about this certain thing.

I saved for you

I searched for you

I panicked when you weren’t available to me

I looked forward to our refreshing time together

I remember your presence at many of my life events – both large and small

I heard you had a negative impact on me but I just closed my ears… I didn’t want to listen

There were many days when I used you as a reward for getting through a negative experience

I often saw you multiple times in a day but towards the end I started limiting how much of my attention you would have.

Now I see you and….

I might give you a second glance but I don’t look for you any more. I am glad to say I hardly miss you though occasionally I do. I certainly am no longer your biggest fan. I don’t devote much thought to you at all. When I see you, I don’t have to have you.

Can you believe all of that was over diet coke? Crazy but true. I didn’t grow up with pop in my house. I really don’t remember when it became so important to me but it probably has to do with when I worked at McDonald’s. It was free so what the heck? How quickly something that is free can become something that is binding. There is no freedom in that. I look back at my “affair” with diet coke and I can see the big picture of it now and it encourages me to tackle some of those other bad habits I’ve adopted. It has probably been at least 2 years since I have been enamored with diet coke but I know my personality….something else has moved into that top spot. But my success with this issue gives me hope!

Is there something you suspect you have an unhealthy attachment to? Unfortunately, these days there are so many options! Is there something you have convinced yourself that you deserve or you find sneaky ways to get access to it? Find an accountability partner and talk about it. Ask for prayer to change your behavior. Ask God to change your perspective and give you the strength to overtake the stronghold in your life. Practice saying adiós to this “bad friend” until they are so out of the picture your heart doesn’t race when you are in the same room. You can do it!

Adiósdiet coke, you have been a bad friend!


(You’re a) hard habit to break!

Bad habits are tough to get out of. Good habits are easy to drop.

Ever find yourself battling the same ol’ same old? There are some habits that are relatively easy to change but there are others that hang on for far too long. I have fallen in and out of habits with unfortunate ease. I fall into bad ones and I fall out of good ones.

Last summer I accepted a challenge to give up diet coke for a week.  I figured I could handle a week without my favorite beverage, but after a week I decided to give it up permanently.  I have had diet coke on occasion since then but prior to the “challenge” I had one a day, every day. In the scheme of habits, it wasn’t the worst one to have but I figured it was something I could live without.

Here I am, approximately a year later and while I like still diet coke quite a bit, I can take or leave it and I mostly leave it alone. I was surprised at the ease that I was able to surrender this ‘vice’. And I wondered, what was it about this situation that made losing this habit relatively pain-free? And why aren’t all bad habits as easy to drop?

Conversely, why is it that good habits don’t stick like I wish they would? I have heard that 66 days of doing something will turn it into a habit. It didn’t take 66 days for me to be satisfied without my ‘beverage of choice’ so I am not sure I completely buy into that.

At any rate, you might, like me, have several habits you would like to add or drop in your life. It is so easy to come up with a long list of improvements. But just tackle ONE for seven days and get on your way. And next week you can celebrate a week of accomplishment.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

Happy Habit Forming! Pick a good one!