What are PrayerPoints?

PrayerPoints began as a Lenten challenge to myself a number of years ago. The most consistent part of PrayerPoints has been that it was daily, beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing until Easter. I often consider writing PrayerPoints once a week throughout the year, and in 2020, I did just that. I also posted PrayerPoints during Advent. In 2021, I will continue with weekly posts with a different theme for each month. I don’t know what 2021 will bring, so I won’t limit myself to just once a week.

If you like to be thoughtfully challenged in the way your perceive and treat others (and yourself) then please join in the read and cast your thoughts. When I create a post it is completely in the moment and so I work towards decent grammar but I do not obsess over it. The PrayerPoints I post are things God is teaching me… I hope you will let me see a little of what God is teaching you because that is the easiest way for us to encourage one another and strengthen our relationships!

Thanks for being here!


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