Meet Liz

Hi friend!

I currently live in Evansville, Indiana, but little pieces of my heart seems to be scattered all around the world! I am an introvert that enjoys connecting one-to-one on a deeper level. I have done a lot of things, many of which will remain unnamed. I love to learn. I like pondering and analyzing, and I always seem to be learning more about myself. I love how God shows me different perspectives through people and circumstances and Scripture. And that is why PrayerPoints began.

I am not a trained theologian. So, while I have been raised predominantly Lutheran, I have not been to seminary and I have not had any doctrine classes. I have my Bible and I have Luther’s Small Catechism, but I don’t spend near enough time in either. So if you see something off-kilter, you can let me know in a loving way. I know there are pastors who don’t always get it right either. My only aim in sharing PrayerPoints is to encourage you to dig deeper into your relationship with God and give you some different prayer angles so you can share more of God’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness with others.

We live in a world that desperately needs to hear His Good News!

4 thoughts on “Meet Liz

  1. Thanks, Liz for sharing this with us. We are doing a lot of self-reflection this Lent season.
    Kathy and Ed

  2. This blog is a wonderful gift. Thank you so much. May your message bless you and also we who read and contemplate these spiritual concepts.

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