Today I lift up…

Lord, thank you for your wisdom and provision in our daily lives.

Today I am praying for parents of young children who are battling sleep deprivation and illness and all the things that come with parenting little ones. I remember mostly enjoying those days even though they seemed long and full of activity. Please bless those who are married as well as those who are not. Help the communication between the involved parties be helpful and productive. May the children of each home feel they are loved and valued by their parents.

I am also praying for parents of not-quite-adult and adult children – sometimes those relationships are easy. Sometimes they are fraught with complications. Lord, you know — we are Your adult children and we are incredibly complicated, insensitive, selfish, confused, and all that. Help us to respond appropriately to conflict.

Let’s also pray for those who are helping their aging parents. It’s another interesting dynamic that causes difficulties and divisions.