Dear Heavenly Father…

The birds are singing so sweetly this morning. The coffee tastes great. And I am thankful to be back home after a week of traveling for work.

Please be with all those who are running small, family businesses! From the day-to-day details to the big picture plan to the finances — t’s a lot to juggle, particularly in the last three years with all of the pandemic challenges.

Please grant Your wisdom in decisions and the energy and discernment about where the efforts should be invested. Help the people who are looking for particular goods and services find the businesses that match their needs. Help satisfied customers share their experiences so positive words are circulating and a good reputation grows stronger.

And, finally, help the business owners to be able to rest. The last several years has taken quite a bit of energy in trying to figure out what can work with supply chain and other restrictions. Thank you for always providing and paving the way!