Thank you for today…

There is so much to be thankful for.

And if I get stuck in a place where I can’t see it, I start to shrivel. This is why staying tethered to God is so important for me. If I lose sight of Him, I miss His perspective. Not that I ever truly have God’s point of view entirely, but when I am able to entrust Him with my day, my needs, and my concerns and know that He is taking care of the details, I can be thankful. When I get caught up in my concerns, I get lost.

As I start this day, I am thankful God goes before me. Whatever unfolds for the day, He is there with me and walks alongside me. When my heart believes this, I can look at the day as a gift to learn and grow, I can learn more about God and I can learn more about myself and the ways God is growing me.

Thank you, Lord, for today!