And Crown Him Lord of All

I have had a hymn running through my mind for the last few days — All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

I was mulling over this line: And Crown Him Lord of all…

Of course, He is Lord of all. There is no debate in my mind. But whether or not we crown Him that, He is. He is Lord of all.

But, it seems to be the thing that slips so quickly from my mind when I am in the middle of worldly concerns. It is so easy to forget that our situations are temporary, especially in light of the big picture. And that Jesus will be Lord of all, even if we fail to recognize, comprehend, or acknowledge it. When my day starts off with a focus on God and the work He has done and continues to do it makes a difference. When I am properly oriented to this Truth, my head, heart, and spirit are in the right place.