King of Kings and Lord of Lords

If you have had too many experiences with people in a position of authority who abused it, it can really mess around with your concept of God.

satan probably just loves that.

Now, to be fair, from an early age I experienced quite a few people who had significant, undetected issues. But, as I have thought about this through the years, it really didn’t mess with my concept of God. I was protected from having a skewed understanding of God and His love for me, in spite of the ridiculous number of unhealthy people in positions of authority in my life.

I didn’t come away from those experiences unscathed though. Ask me if I trust the church and people in authority in an unquestioning manner and that is another story altogether. I definitely don’t trust organizations and humans easily. I have a fairly fine-tuned “creep-o-meter”. It’s not perfect, of course, but it’s pretty on target and has served me well.

But how am I when it comes to trusting God? That little mustard seed of faith keeps growing, even in the midst of difficulties. And I am so thankful.

When I think of God and his position of authority, I find comfort. I know He is my redeemer, my provider, and the King over all kings, and the Lord over all lords.

I hope you have a clear sense of the goodness of God. But if you struggle with that, it might be attributed to you running into some unhealthy people during the course of your life. It is important to sort that out. Knowing God for who He truly is is life changing!