Wait and see.

I am often impatient. I have what I think is the perfect plan — the ultimate sequence of events. Except it rarely is.

I don’t have the bird’s eye view. I don’t know the bigger picture. I don’t see what God sees that involves generations of impact from early years or for the future. I simply don’t.

The question is, do I trust the One who does?

Of course, there are things I can and should do. But, these things should be prayerfully done. Sometimes plans are delayed for one reason or another and I may not always learn why. Sometimes new things, good and bad, enter my life that waylay my plans. Have I left room for God to move? To create? To work His work? Am I afraid the path might be painful or difficult?

All my doing is not always productive. I can give my effort and pray for God to bless or change it. And I can wait and see what He is doing with my circumstances, relationships, and challenges.

I can be me and wait and see what God is doing. I will wait impatiently and imperfectly, but I will wait and see.