The Spaces

Let’s pray for those spaces in our days!

First of all, it is important to set aside space to speak with God and hear His Word — even when it seems we don’t have it. Maybe even especially when we don’t think we have the space.

But you might be wondering — what are the spaces good for?

Aside from that communication with God, space in our day is good for perspective, rest, unexpected events, emergencies.

Holding space for unexpected situations is important. Recognizing that they are a possibility is wise. Of course, there may be days that are packed in with things we need to do, but that can’t be the regular course of our days.

Those few extra minutes here and there are spaces that give us time to think, connect, ponder, and be. They also give us an opportunity to notice and explore — to inquire and listen.

Spaces in our days allows some separation from the world and some processing time as we move from place to place. It gives us a pause. It gives us a moment to catch our breath.

Heavenly Father — Help me recognize the spaces in my life and what you would like to accomplish through them! Amen.