How do you define victory? Recently, I have been thinking about this word that represents a few things. It seems to indicate there is a winner and a loser. And that there is a struggle. And while it is often used to describe physical things, I am currently caught up in the spiritual perspective. These days, I view most struggles and victories in the spiritual realm. And knowing the ultimate victory has been won for me by the blood of Jesus is a blessed assurance.

Come Lord Jesus!

One thought on “Victory

  1. Victory to me means that something is wrong in one’s life has been recognized and dealt with, is there a victor and a vanquished? Yes nd no. Yes there is the victory in that the person admitted there is something wrong and then took initiative to rectify that wrong, then eliminated the wrong. No there isn’t a being that is vanquished, it is the problem that is vanquished. So, yes and no. Who is the victor, the person who recognized the wrong and removed it, and the vanquished is the person who had to admit there is something wrong. Being a victim of a problem is being the vanquished until recognition and elimination of the problem, then the victim becomes then victor. Jesus did that for us on a scale we mere humans cannot understand, but we take part in His victory when we recognize Jesus is our Lord and Savior, we move from vanquished to victors through the enormous love of God and Jesus.

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