Hello Friend! Day Twenty-three

Hello Friend!

I got stuck!

Somewhere between my sweet grandbabies and dealing with business details I have found myself thinking about PrayerPoints and not writing them down and fleshing them out. The “pause” in my day is not long enough for me to get things out on paper. As long as there is a pause, it’s ok. But there routinely needs to be more than that, too. I need time to dig deeper, even if nothing gets written down.

If I am looking for the peace that passes all human understanding, I need to go to the source and linger there and let all the words soak in. I need to revisit the recounting of provisions made throughout the generations. I need the time to be surrounded with the words of comfort and care and correction from my Creator. Now, that is a place worth being stuck!

There can be beauty in the mundane and repetitious. My goal is to identify a rhythm and pace that works for me, even if it changes with “seasons”. This is particularly important because I am entering a very busy work season. I need to practice turning off my “work” mind so it isn’t always processing ideas.

Do you like activity? Predictability? Flexibility? Are you stuck in a rabbit hole? Let’s head up to the surface together — we can spend 15 minutes in the sunshine, gathering up some Vitamin D and then we can embark on our day.

What’s that one thing you need to get done? Take your first step to get there. I’ll take mine.

May His peace be with you!

One thought on “Hello Friend! Day Twenty-three

  1. Entering into the Lord’s peace sometimes takes what I call a”whoa” moment. “Whoa” is a verbal command you give your horse to stop . It doesn’t happen all at once, my magnificent horse weighs one thousand pounds and all that weight takes a bit of time to come to a stop. He is a willing sweet natured boy! But one thousand pounds is one thousand pounds! When I get too busy, feeling like I haven’t “done enough” I try to remember to say to myself “whoa”. I think today’s expectation to always be in motion is detrimental. Am I making progress with the most important thing in my life, my relationship with God or am I treading water? I need to remember to prioritize my life, tain’t easy! But I still need to say whoa and become closer to God. Iif something doesn’t get done what harm is there in waiting another day or two? I keep wondering how to “get it all done” then I realize what isn’t done isn’t as important as God knowing how much I love Him. I keep saying “whoa”. Or in jore controlled circumstances thesentance “and w h o a…” slower and easier. Maybe today’s expectations need to learn to listen to what is the most important. ug and kiss your Grandbabies for me, they are at the top of everyday “to do list” . Blessings, Chris

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