Hungarian Bibles for Children in Hungary

Are you interested in helping some Children’s Bibles in the Hungarian language get to children in Hungary?

Let me tell you how this started.

I am in contact with a publisher in Hungary who publishes Christian books in Hungarian – I am most interested in his Bibles — he has a Children’s version as well as an easier-to-read version for adults.

I am also in contact with Patricia who lives in Hungary and works with orphans. She is originally from California but has lived in Hungary the last 20+ year ministering to these orphans. She isn’t even Hungarian but speaks fluently — and she married a Hungarian national. They have a huge heart for missions. They live on a very modest budget and have officially adopted one child but unofficially love on many, many kids. They are also building a home for unwed mothers near Eger.

I asked Patricia if she could use some Children’s Bibles and her answer was yes ~ 50!

50? Gulp!

It would be wonderful to hand the publisher the money for the 50 Bibles when we visit Hungary in May. The publisher is willing to get the books to Patricia. We will buy as many as we can.

Here are some ways you can help:
* Please pray for this opportunity.</strong> We are excited to partner with the publisher, the missionary family, and our customers who have a heart for this type of ministry. Thank you for praying!

<strong>* Consider making a purchase from Magyar Marketing between now and May 7th.</strong> 10% of all retail sales will go towards purchasing these Bibles.

<strong>* Consider a contribution of your own to this project.</strong> Any $ amount will help. While we are not a tax deductible organization so you won’t get a tax credit, this is a great opportunity to share God’s love with these children. All $$ donated will go to the purchase of the books and the exchange penalty at the bank (unfortunately unavoidable).

May I say I am so thankful we have come this far in being able to share the Gospel with Hungary? I remember my mom sewing money into the coats of priests who were going to visit their family in Hungary and Transylvania so love offerings could get to those churches.

If you would like to make an additional contribution please email me at liz(at)

May God bless your day!

Liz and family

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